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ACRM-ASNR Joint Educational Conference Videos

International Symposium on Measurement of Participation in Rehabilitation Research


Pre-Meeting Symposium to the 2008 ACRM-ASNR Joint Educational Conference in

Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Delta Chelsea Hotel, October 15-19, 2008.


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Symposium Summary:

This symposium, a pre-course to the 2008 ACRM-ASNR Joint Educational Conference, examined the construct of participation.  Participation is a key outcome of the rehabilitation process following an injury or impairment, but has been a difficult concept to measure.  The following presentations highlight the state of the art in participation measurement by integrating theory and measurement.  


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Funding is provided by the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation, the Veterans Administration Rehabilitation Research and Development Service, and the PVA Education Foundation.


Presentation Titles:

Video #1:  Welcome: International Symposium on Measurement of Participation and Research

Allen Heinemann 


Video #2:  Issues in the conceptualization and measurement of participation: an overview 

Marcel Dijkers 


Video #3: A critical review of participation instruments

Marcel Post and Susan Magasi    


Video #4:  Measurement of participation: intersecting person, task, and environment

Trudy Mallinson 


Video #5:  Participation: the insider’s perspectives

Margaret Brown 


Video #6:  Cognitive appraisal processes that affect patient reported outcomes: applications of response shift to participation measurement

Carolyn Schwartz 


Video #7:  The intersection of participation and environmental factors

Luc Noreau and Kathy Boschen 


Video #8:  Participation measurement in outcomes research and clinical trials

Gale Whiteneck 


Video #9:  Measuring participation: the PROMIS experience

Rita Bode 


Video #10:  Group Discussion

Moderator, Allen Heinemann 


Video #11:  Participation Measurement in TBI: Issues of Cognition and Communication of Respondents

Jennifer Bogner 


Video #12:  Examining Participation: What can we learn from older adults, people with intellectual disabilities, & people with psychiatric disabilities?

Joy Hammel